Definition: Panbble - double panda (featuring Mr. Panda & Ms. Panda)

In the year of 2010, after five years of dedicated research and preparation, there was word of an unparalleled creation; a line of apparel epitomizing the fusion of not only Eastern and Western cultures, but also of style, performance and endurance.

When speaking of Panbble, one must not overlook the cradle, in which this creation was nurtured – Beijing Mountain Garment Manufacture Inc. Established in 2000 and initially based in the North American market, Beijing Mountain Garment Manufacture Inc. and its manufactory have grown greatly in the past eleven years with the help of skilled laborers, efficient management, up-to-date technology, committed quality control and talented designers. In order to adapt to the growing economy, both globally and within China, our company has expanded its horizons not only by progressing into the European market, but also by enhancing company’s potentials in all fields by the establishment of a research team. After years of accumulated studies of the world's most advanced technology and popular trends, our hard work has paid off and led to the establishment of Panbble.

The ancient Chinese yin-yang diagram represents how seemingly contrary forces are interconnected in the natural world, and ultimately give rise to one another. The theme for Panbble’s distinctive black and white design is the Panda; China’s national emblem. These simple colors of black and white can establish the effect of either a harsh contrast, or a harmonious match; so although the collection does not feature any bright pastel colors, it still manages to stand out. Ancient Chinese culture interpreted with expertise by our modern designers is the basic concept of Panbble’s cutting-edge fashion.

Panbble products now include apparel for outdoor activities, such as for skiing and hiking, as well as those for leisure. We believe that through our dedication and professionalism, our team will be able to heighten the contentment life brings you.

We look forward to working with you, and to the opportunities the future will bring.